HOME Myanmar is a travel agency specializing in creating a truly one-of-a-kind experience that is just as unique as the clients who venture them.  Located near Inle Lake in Nyaung Shwe, Shan State, we provide several kinds of services throughout Myanmar including Special Interest Tours, Local Experience Tours, Business Getaway Retreats, as well as startup advice for those wishing to expand their business to Myanmar. Our staff is composed of a dynamic, driven, and diverse group of individuals dedicated to hospitality and goodwill services. It is our hope that by providing all the comforts of HOME, our clients will gain a true understanding of Myanmar.

HOME Myanmarは、ミャンマー東北部のシャン州、インレー湖ニャウンシュエに拠点を構えるちょっと変わった旅行会社です。


2019年からは地産地消をテーマとしたHarvest Cafe & Dineをニャウンシュエにて運営しています。

Our Place -Nyaung Shwe, Shan State-
私たちの拠点 – シャン州・ニャウンシュエ –

HOME Myanmar is more than just a travel agency. While our office is based in Nyuang Shwe, Shan State, we aspire to become an information hub that provides tourist services all throughout Myanmar. We have a strong, working relationship with the local community, and our collaborative efforts have formed tours that are truly one of a kind. In the future, we hope to expand our services to include Walking Tours, Food Tours, and Community Based Tourism, as well as a souvenir shop supplied with locally-made goods.

Our doors are always open, so come and visit us and feel at home with HOME Myanmar.



Our Mission

Through travel, we can transport to a place of commonality where the chance to restore, reinvent, and redefine ourselves flourishes.


No.139, Kan Thar Quarter(4), Nyaung Shwe, Shan State, Myanmar.

info@home-mm.com         /        (+95)-9-42868-9835 , (+95)-9-25449-0829